What is Tinnitus?  


Tinnitus is commonly as ringing or buzzing in the ears, but it can also actually be any sound or even a combination of sounds. tinnitus miracleTinnitus is the result of a certain nerve activity that the brain interprets as noise, or sound.  In reality everyone has the symptoms of tinnitus occasionally, however some unfortunate people experience constant, or near-constant tinnitus. 


How do you pronounce 'Tinnitus'? 

ti-night-us or tin-uh-tus – either way is ok. 


Is Tinnitus Common? 

The American Tinnitus Association have estimated that over fifty million people in the United States alone experience tinnitus severely enough to cause discomfort. It's also estimated that between three and four million veterans experience tinnitus. 




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What causes tinnitus?

Most commonly the cause of tinnitus is exposure to excessive noise. Tinnitus may also result from a head injury, some medications, excessive ear wax, and actually many other causes. Sometimes it is impossible to determine the precise cause of tinnitus as it is related to so many conditions, such as high blood pressure, excessive stress, certain dental problems, even metabolic problems, and high cholesterol. 


Is there a connection between tinnitus and hearing loss?

If an ear is damaged this will often result in both hearing loss and tinnitus. However, they don necessarily always have to occur together. Tinnitus does not actually cause loss of hearing, but sometimes tinnitus seems to interfere with hearing. It is always wise to consult an audiologist to determine if you have an actual hearing problem. 


Is there a cure for tinnitus? 

This is debatable. A cure would be making the tinnitus sound simply stop. There are many treatment methods for tinnitus but medical research have not yet developed a cure. There are however many users of holistic methods, that will argue otherwise. Many have had such success that they certainly consider themselves cured. 


Do I need treatment for my tinnitus?

Treatment can lessen the tinnitus, however not everyone with tinnitus requires treatment. If tinnitus is affecting your sleep, your ability to concentrate, maybe your emotional well-being, even regular daily activities, then yes, treatment may be helpful for you. You may need a medical examination if your tinnitus is just on one side of the head, or if you have noticeable changes in your hearing level, pain in the ears or head or neck or balance issues. 


What form of treatment is most effective?


Again, this is a highly debated subject.  Even simple changes in lifestyle can be helpful.  Lifestyle changes that might help: 

- Reduce excessive use of caffeine, alcohol, salt, aspirin, and nicotine 

- Reduce stress as much as possible, even if it is difficult to do. 

- Get adequate sleep; this is a must, at least eight hours in every twenty four 

- Practice meaningful activities to keep your mind and body busy.  

- Establish a healthy diet and of course exercise regularly. 


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