Exploring Conventional Treatment for Tinnitus

Silence is golden
Treatment for tinnitus signifies an effective solution to the noise issue, because silence is what tinnitus sufferers long to experience. End your Tinnitus - Click hereWe enjoy many moments in life when noise dominates our surroundings, but have we ever given a thought to the group of people in the world, who would want nothing but silence?

This is the group of people overcome by stress and anxiety; they are the ones suffering from tinnitus or 'ringing of the ears'. They long for calm and silence and freedom from the continuous ringing sound in their ears. The American Tinnitus Association is making all possible efforts to offer assistance and support to countless number of people from across the globe to alleviate their problem.

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The negative effect of tinnitus is mainly due to the fact that when tinnitus affects you, your sub-conscious brain ensures that you focus on it, abandoning the other positive activities you are engaged in. This is precisely the reason why tinnitus distracts you permanently until you seek a remedy.
If you find that you are experiencing the ringing sound in your ears, the very first step that you should take towards finding a solution to your 'noisy' problem is to find a qualified health professional. Being a member of ATA is beneficial in that it helps you with a list of professionals in your area, who would help in the treatment for tinnitus.

Treatment options to cure tinnitus
There are various forms of treatment for tinnitus. Sound therapy is the principal form of treatment for handling tinnitus effectively. Recent studies have shown that sound therapy in combination with Cognitive therapy or counseling produces twice the effect caused by sound therapy alone.

Sound therapy
Various methodologies using sound are being used to mitigate the sound caused as a result of tinnitus. This treatment for tinnitus involves both wearable (hearing-aids) and non-wearable devices such as external sound machines and CDs.

External sound is useful in stifling the internal sound, hence this therapy is called ‘masking therapy’. But this treatment for tinnitus should always be accompanied by counseling. Amplification therapy provided by hearing-aids is for people with partial or total hearing impairment and reduces the noise when they wear hearing-aids.

Cognitive therapy
Cognitive therapy or counseling is a treatment for tinnitus that does not treat tinnitus directly. But it addresses your emotional reaction to tinnitus. Tinnitus is believed to be a relative perception of sound, so the counselor helps you recognize the negative behaviors and thought processes and then help you in altering them. This method is always unique for every individual depending on the specific needs and gives the best results in combination with masking therapy.

Medication or drug therapy
Several drugs, predominantly anxiety drugs and anesthetics in few cases, have been found to be an effective treatment for tinnitus in some people.

Biofeedback therapy
Some involuntary functions of the human body can be controlled by a relaxation technique called Biofeedback. This technique alters the body’s reaction to stress rather than reducing it, so people who practice this technique find a considerable decrease in their noise problem.

TMJ therapy
Tinnitus is sometimes caused by a misalignment of the jaw. The muscles and nerves of the jaw interfere with those of the ear due to their proximity to each other and can cause TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain and related tinnitus. This treatment for tinnitus includes jaw realignment that resolves the problem.
All these treatments for tinnitus are effective in reducing the noise problem. But before starting on any therapy, be sure to ask your physician many questions and let your previous medications and treatments be known, so the treatment will focus on your success in relieving your tinnitus.

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