Facts about Tinnitus Hearing Loss

Tinnitus hearing loss is a term that is commonly heard among people today. Research on tinnitus and its effects on individuals have shown that a majority of people suffering from tinnitus have hearing impairment. But, it is difficult to say that hearing loss causes tinnitus or vice versa.Tinnitus Miracle

Tinnitus hearing loss is caused by several factors. The most common and important one among them is exposure to loud noise. Often, we are forced to blaring music at a concert or the sounds from heavy machinery in factories.

Other minor causes are inner-ear infections, ear-wax, head injury in a few cases, and sometimes due to the effects of certain drugs.

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If you think that you are facing symptoms of tinnitus hearing loss, you should see your doctor to ascertain your condition. A visit to the audiologist will decide whether you should be given hearing aid for your hearing loss. Generally, the practice is to first treat the hearing impairment and then attend to the tinnitus problem.

Using hearing-aids alone may not suffice to handle tinnitus, so sound therapy or masking therapy is used to remove the ringing sound in the ears. In this way, both hearing-aid and the appropriate treatment for tinnitus combined together, help in correcting the tinnitus hearing loss.

It is believed that by correcting the hearing loss, the severe impact of tinnitus may also be reduced. But this is not always true, though it might work well in few cases. There are many treatments that are used for treating tinnitus and hearing loss separately as two different conditions.

Tinnitus instrument
The latest breakthrough in treating tinnitus hearing loss is by means of a tinnitus instrument. This is a small electronic device combining a normal hearing-aid and a masking device within a single case. This instrument can be fitted behind the ear. Both the hearing –aid and the masking device have different volume controls.

The tinnitus instrument has been very successful in reducing tinnitus hearing loss in many people. The hearing-aid adjustment is made first, followed by that of the masking device. Tinnitus sufferers find it difficult to cope with the inner noise, so the masking device with external sounds is used to counter the effect of tinnitus. Sometimes, the frequency of the tinnitus is recognized and a masker with a frequency that matches it is chosen so the problem is resolved more easily than experimenting with different maskers.

How to prevent Tinnitus hearing loss
The first thing you should do when you experience the symptoms of tinnitus hearing loss is to have your blood pressure checked. Monitoring your blood pressure and regulating it is one of the ways to control tinnitus hearing loss.

The food that you eat is also an important factor for preventing tinnitus hearing loss. Include foods rich in Magnesium and potassium. Antioxidants present in food help regulate the blood flow in the body. Consume less salt. Avoid MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) which is said to worsen tinnitus.

What happens to one person need not happen to another. Every case of tinnitus hearing loss is specific and has to be treated according to individual difficulties and requirements.

Do not allow the ringing in your ears mar your life. Instead, attend to your hearing impairment problem and learn to manage tinnitus hearing loss well enough to lead your life in a way you want to.

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