8 Essential steps to stop ears ringing

Continued from Stop Ear Ringing Part 1

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Physical Activity
* Try to do some physical activity everyday than sitting at one place the whole day working. You can exercise for an hour which reduces the effect of adrenaline pumped into your body that creates stress and anger. You can even go for a stroll, wash your car, sort your documents or your wardrobe, anything that involves a physical activity with not much of concentration required lowers your stress levels a lot and proves very effective to stop ears ringing.

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Sleep Management
Most of us think that 6 hours sleep during the night is more than enough to relax and ease out the tiredness from the body. But the truth is your body needs sleep equivalent to the work load during the day to get recharged for the next day. Inadequate sleep makes your body tired and stressed resulting in ear ringing. You should try and allow your body to get as much relaxation possible. Listed below are some tips that can help you sleep better and relax more:

1. Keep your bedroom dark and place a comfortable mattress on your bed. Maintain a calm atmosphere and ensure that your body gets relaxed and refreshed from the tiredness of your entire day’s work. Stop worrying about your schedules and pending jobs for the next day and keep your mind as calm as possible.
2. Keep a sound generator like a fan or an air purifier next to you so that the sound it generates masks ear ringing caused due to tinnitus.
3. You can get a professional advice on self hypnosis if you are not able to get a good sleep. There are lot of self hypnosis techniques that allow you to relax completely and enjoy a deep refreshing sleep throughout the night.
4. Always prefer a dinner that you are most comfortable with. The diet you intake during the night should not disturb your sleep as tinnitus gets aggravated when you wake up suddenly from a deep sleep.

Coffee, Nicotine and Alcohol
Cut down on all the three. Avoid taking a nerve stimulator as it can only worsen tinnitus problem by acting on certain important blood vessels connected to your ears and brain. Coffee and nicotine are more addictive than alcohol and have greater tendencies to stimulate the nerves. If you are getting into any symptom of tinnitus, you must stop consuming alcohol, tea, and coffee.

Diet control
Following a proper diet helps to stop ears ringing. You should avoid certain foods that aggravate the problem of tinnitus such as beverages made of grains, high-fat and high-calorie foods. These foods increase the blood cholesterol level, and thereby creating blocks inside the blood vessels, which causes ear ringing. You should also avoid processed foods and must add more of fruits and vegetables to your diet to stop ear ringing.

Practicing therapies to stop ear ringing
You can spend some time everyday and practice therapies such as yoga and meditation to help you keep your mind calm and peaceful, Regular exercise helps you avoid stress.

The most important factor is that, not all practices and techniques work for all. Each one works differently on different people. A technique that works well for you may not work for someone else, however it's surely worth the effort to try different methods to stop ears ringing.

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