Are you experiencing ringing of the Ears?

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Have you ever experienced listening to some noise when actually you cannot trace it to a source of origin? Then, it surmises that you are imagining the sound and there can be no way that the sound is from an external source. This 'weird' feeling or perception of sound in your ears is referred to as 'ringing of the ears'.

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Ringing of the ears is known by the medical term tinnitus. Tinnitus is not a disease but a medical condition that occurs based on certain conditions.  Sometimes, tinnitus sufferers may hear the sounds continuously or occasionally. The sound can vary from a soft tone to a deafening din in extreme cases.

Ringing of the ears can be very annoying and sometimes will baffle you beyond comprehension. In some cases it occurs as a signal to a more complicated problem like a tumor in the ear nerve. But in most instances, tinnitus is more of a trouble than simply a warning, as it causes a great deal of anxiety and fear in people who have it.

Generally if you are suffering from tinnitus, you alone can hear the ringing of the ears. But in some abnormal cases when tinnitus is the outcome of a defective vein or artery and synchronizes with the heartbeat, then you can hear the sound through a stethoscope placed on the neck or in the ear canal.

In the United States, about 50 million people experience ringing of the ears. For a greater percentage of this number, tinnitus occurs as a temporary condition called ‘transient tinnitus.’ This brief and harmless condition may arise due to a visit to a concert without ear plugs or it may happen just before you fall asleep when everything around you at night is still. But, it is sad that one-fourth of this number is severely affected by the persistent ringing of the ears and undergoes tremendous discomfort and trouble.

How ringing of the ears is caused due to several factors:
* The drugs that you consume sometimes have an adverse effect on your ears causing tinnitus.
* When you suffer from a head injury, it can lead to ringing of the ears.
* When alignment of the jaws is not uniform, it results in tinnitus.
* In extreme cases, a tumor in the auditory (ear) nerve can also cause this condition.
* The most common cause of tinnitus is the exposure to excessively loud noise.

The most troublesome tinnitus
Continuous and invasive ringing of the ears poses a serious problem for people, who suffer from this condition. By this:

* Sleep is affected.
* Family relationships suffer a setback.
* You tend to lose focus on your work.
* A general lethargy sets in as tinnitus seems to disturb all your activities.
* Tinnitus sufferers almost always seem to be under stress

Treatment for tinnitus, irrespective of the cause, can ease the discomfort of the people who suffer from it. Sound therapies like masking and retraining therapy are beneficial. Medications, counseling, and relaxation procedures help tinnitus sufferers to a large extent.

So the next time you are exposed to loud noise and begin to feel the ringing of the ears, make sure to get rid of the condition by going in for one of the above mentioned treatments without feeling stressed.

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