What causes inner ear problems?

Inner ear problems are often caused due to ear infection or labyrinthitis. Ear infections normally occur when any other part of your body is infected, such as throat infection or sinus. Inner ear problems normally occur due to viral infection and may also lead to various other problems such as measles, influenza, and mumps. Tinnitus Miracle - Click MeSometimes, people posses this dysfunction right from their birth itself. But this can also be acquired from various other sources such as noise pollution, ear infection, or any other disease in the upper part of the body.

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Let us find out the most common symptoms of inner ear problems:

The symptoms of inner ear problems may vary in intensity from person to person. However, the most common symptoms include vertigo, vomiting, ringing in the ears, and hearing loss in certain cases. It is quite common to hear strange sounds such as ringing, cracking, or clicking for a person suffering with inner ear problems. You can also feel a lot of pressure and pain in one or both of your ears. Other symptoms of inner ear problems are listed below:

Distorted Vision 
Inner ear problems can also cause blurriness or bouncing vision. Some people become extremely sensitive to bright light.

Join pain and Body aches
A person suffering with tinnitus can also feel muscle and joint pain or consistent pain in neck and head. While some other may also experience stiffness in legs, which is accompanied by a tingling sensation in upper parts of their body.

Anxiety and depression
Anxiety, depression, and frustration are some of the most common symptoms of tinnitus. A person with ear problems may have frequent panic attacks and lose interest in day to day activities.

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Why do inner ear problems occur?

Some of the possible ways of this dysfunctionality are listed below:

Inner ear problems can occur due to genetical disorders. It will be present in the genes and are passed along from one generation to the other in a defective genetic outline. If you are suffering from this problem, the reason behind this might be your ancestors. This does not mean that all the members of the family will inherit inner ear problems.

This problem can also be acquired at the stage of fetal development. There are many factors that can have an adverse effect on the psychological growth of an unborn fetus. If any one of these factors affects the growth of inner ear structure, then there might be a possibility that the baby will be born with this disorder. Listed below are few factors, which can affect a pregnant woman:

o Infections that occur during the time of pregnancy
o addiction to drugs or any other abuse
o Declining or accident
o Toxemia and malnutrition
o Deprivation of oxygen from a wrapped umbilical chord

An Inner ear problem can also be acquired by birth itself. Some of the complications that arise during the delivery of a baby might result in the damage of inner ear structure. Some of these cases include premature birth of the baby, oxygen deficiency, which is often caused due to improper use of forceps, forced labor, and rigid birth canal.

Inner ear problems can also occur at any stage of childhood or adolescence even though a child is born with a healthy inner ear structure. Some of these factors are malnutrition, illness or sinus, and repeated severe ear infections.

As mentioned above, there are multiple causes for inner ear problems. But, taking precautions is the only option. For example, you must avoid listening to high volume audio, and frequently using of ipod and mp3 players. Remember to lower the volume while watching TV or listening to music.

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