Finding more about your ears ringing cause

Ear ringing is also referred as tinnitus. You may hear certain inappropriate sounds such as buzzing, ringing, or roaring in the ears, which can be temporary or permanent in nature. Though tinnitus is harmless, it may be irritating for the sufferer. It may even indicate a serious medical condition for many sufferers. tinnitus miracle

Though ear ringing can occur due to multiple reasons, the statistics reveal that more than 95 percent cases of ear ringing occur due to three major reasons, such as:

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Exposure to loud music
Constant exposure to loud music is one of the major ears ringing causes. Listening to high frequency volume often damages the nerves of the ears, which can also lead to permanent hearing loss. The risk of ear ringing also increases as the person becomes older. If you are using equipment such as gunshots, or living near an airport (or working there), you are constantly exposed to louder noise, which may again cause ear ringing.

Blockage of earwax present in the ear canal is also one of the ears ringing causes. You also face the risk of developing this problem if you have a head injury or ear infection.

A stressful lifestyle
Nearly 10 percent of tinnitus cases occur due to depression or long periods of stress in life. This is because, your brains stops producing an essential element called hypothalamus, which is required by the body to function properly. Even the injuries of the neck and head may also cause neurological problems and can become one of the major ears ringing causes at a later stage.

In certain cases, ear ringing also occurs during the initial stages of a tumor, which develops in the interior part of the ear. Sometimes, tinnitus can also occur due to the medications taken for diseases such as malaria or cancer, or consuming high dosages of aspirin, as well as antibiotics.

Many people suffering with sinus or allergies for a long duration need to take antibiotics in order to control this problem. But, this may result in mucous getting thicker in the inner ear, which can also turn out to be another ears ringing cause. Therefore, you must avoid putting foreign objects in your ears as they may harm your ears and cause infections, which can in turn develop into ear ringing. However, this condition can be controlled by getting the mucous thinned down so that it comes out from the ear canal.

Other ears ringing causes include:
Other than the causes described above, ear ringing can also occur due to:

- Listening to the louder noise continuously
- Allergies and ear infections
- Depression and anxiety
- Tumor in middle ear
- Meniere's disease
- Growing age
- Removal of ear wax

Tinnitus can also occur due to anemia, cardiac and blood vessel disorders such as hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

When to see your doctor?

You must see your doctor if you have been suffering from noises in your ears for more than a few days. You may also experience dizziness or pain along with the noises, as this can be a symptom of Meniere's disease, which is a neurological problem. If you notice pus in the ear accompanied by pain in the ears, it can be a sign of ear infection.
Therefore, people should be aware that loud noise level and ear infection and allergy may prove harmful for their health. Ringing in ear can be an indication of a grave problem such as hearing loss. If you need to work with noisy equipment and tools, remember this can be an ears ringing cause, and you should protect yourself appropriately.

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