Identifying ear ringing causes

Identifying the ear ringing causes is quite difficult and it varies from person to person. End Your TinnitusTinnitus can occur in any parts of the ear, inner, outer, middle, or in the brain. Analyzing the exact cause in each individual takes a lot of time and research, but once the identification process is over, there are many treatment options available for people having tinnitus.
Causes of ear ringing
There are many health problems that may lead to tinnitus. Therefore, we must try to find out the real cause of ear ringing. Consistent exposure to high decibel sounds either at work or at home is one of the major ear ringing causes. People, who work in factories or use high sounding machinery such as drills, face a greater risk of developing tinnitus. In most cases, the factors that cause ear ringing include:

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1. Damage in the nerve endings of the Inner ear.
2. Prolonged use of certain medications to treat various conditions and diseases.
3. Problems with the jaw joints (mandibles) as a misaligned jaw joint can cause ear ringing.
4. Due to loss of hearing and other hearing-related problems
5. Due to cracks or a hole in the ear drum
6. Due to stiffness of middle ear bones, which is a condition known as otosclerosis
7. Diseases such as brain tumor, aneurysm, and Meniere’s syndrome. This disease creates a feeling of fullness inside the ears and result in ringing for hours together. Tinnitus may also occur as a symptom of Meniere’s disease.
8. Problems and certain conditions in the blood vessels of the heart as well as tumors in the heart.
9. Problem in the joints of neck and jaws
10. Non-cancerous benign tumor in the auditory nerve, called as acoustic neuroma. In this case, the tumor grows exactly on the hearing nerve, and thus causing ear ringing.
11. A condition called as benign intra-cranial hypertension in which there is an uncontrollable increase in the pressure in the fluids that surround the brain. This may be one of the ear ringing causes.

Other common problems that cause ear ringing include:

1. Ear infection and unclean ears
2. Other stress related problems and sometimes due to vertigo
3. Tinnitus can also occur due to eating habits. If you consume high-fat, high-sodium diet, chocolates, processed foods, and spirits, you run a risk of developing ear ringing.
4. High-cholesterol levels also cause ear ringing as it leads to blockage of the blood vessels.
5. Getting older may result in simultaneous impaired hearing, which is another ear ringing cause. The cochlea in the ear stops signaling the brain, which in turn, starts developing its own din in the absence of normal sound signals from the cochlea.
6. Severe head injury resulting in a jerk in the muscles of the ear or the throat can also cause ear ringing.

Ear ringing is classified into two main categories
Subjective Tinnitus:- the patient affected can only hear the ear ringing – most common
Objective Tinnitus:- the patient as well as the physician can also hear ear ringing – least common

**Two important muscles that are present inside the ear namely stapedius, which is attached to the stapes bone and the tensor tympani attached to the malleus bone, cause ear ringing. These bones normally contract as a response to loud noise, but sometimes both of these muscles start contracting in rhythm for a certain period of time. As these muscles are connected with the inner ear bones, this contraction causes ear ringing.

**The jugular vein and the carotid artery are two major blood vessels connected to the ear that supply blood to the brain. When the circulation of blood inside these vessels becomes abnormal, it results in producing a blood flow accompanied with sound. This may be caused due to many reasons such as high fever, severe exercise, or thickening of the walls of the blood vessels due to ageing.

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