Natural Remedies to Provide an Effective Cure for Tinnitus

Tinnitus: An overview
Tinnitus that gets its name from Latin is more commonly known as the ringing in ears. Tinnitus has been a problem to most people across the world. For End The Tinnitus - Click HereIt is estimated that more than 35 million people across America are suffering from tinnitus. Basically, tinnitus is not a disease by itself; it is a symptom of some other underlying health problem. Though it is not a major disease, but tinnitus is a nuisance as it is quite irritating and painful too in certain cases.

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Cure for tinnitus
Till now there is no effective cure for tinnitus. Doctors admit that tinnitus cannot be cured completely. There are a lot of sufferers of tinnitus, who have even opted for an ear surgery too in order to cure tinnitus. Natural remedies and home treatments have been found effective to cure tinnitus as they have worked wonders for many people. Regarding home treatments, the method that works on one person will may not work on another person.

What you can do to cure tinnitus
Listed below are some of the must do things that help you keep tinnitus under control.

1. You must take measure to keep your blood pressure under control.
2. Stop consuming nerve stimulating stuff such as coffee, cola, tobacco, and reduce salt intake.
3. Keep your anxiety level down and stop worrying about tinnitus as it will only worsen your situation.
4. Make sure that you take adequate rest whenever you feel tired.
5. Keep your ears clean and free from wax, which increases the risk of ringing noise.
6. Supplement your diet with wild oats, rich supplements of Vitamin B complex, foods rich with iron content, and lots of pineapples. All of these are known to reduce the inflammation and are proven remedies to cure tinnitus.
7. Cut down your intake of sugar, salt, saturated fats, dairy products and processed foods.

What can you do if you have tinnitus
1. Try to prepare a home-made nasal spray. Mix one teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of glycerin with a few drops of lukewarm water. This nasal drop drains the mucous the nose and throat. If there is no mucous present in nose and throat, the ringing automatically comes down.
2. Nutritional and herbal supplements also provide significant cure for tinnitus. You can take some basic supplements daily to cure tinnitus, but it is advisable to consult your doctor before you do that.
3. If you have acquired tinnitus recently, you can opt for conventional medicines too. The best medicine is Niacin (Vitamin B3). Niacin opens the blood vessels and permits more oxygen to get into your inner ear. A dosage of about 100 to 200 milligrams a day is sufficient. According to recent studies, intramuscular Vitamin B12 injections taken in regular intervals for 7 to 8 times a month provide a lot of help.
4. The cochlea inside the ear (spiral in shape) contains the maximum amount of zinc concentration of the human body. The studies by Japanese researchers indicate a dosage of 15 to 30 milligrams of zinc supplements everyday helps you control zinc deficiency, and thereby controlling tinnitus.
5. Squeeze an onion and put around 2 to 3 drops into your ear. Onion extract helps you control the ringing.
6. Filling your ear with saline solution and leaving it for around 15 minutes is another home cure for tinnitus.

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