What causes ringing in ears?

Often, people complain of constant and uncomfortable ringing or buzzing in the ears, comprising one or multiple sounds.banish tinnitus This problem is called  tinnitus, which is believed to affect more than fifty million people in the  United States. They find it difficult to work or even sleep. Tinnitus occurs due to a specific nerve activity, which their brain interprets as noise. If you also face this difficulty, you must immediately contact your doctor and seek appropriate treatment. Wondering what causes ringing in ears? Read on. 

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Symptoms of constant ringing in ears

After knowing about your hearing problem, the doctor may ask you to get some tests done in order to find out the exact cause of ringing in ears. These tests may help the doctors prescribe suitable medicines for you. The common symptoms of tinnitus include: constant buzzing, whistling, roaring and humming at varied frequencies and duration. 




What causes ringing in ears?

  • Damage to the microscopic endings of the hearing nerve  

One of the main causes of Tinnitus is damage to the microscopic endings of the hearing nerve, which is situated in the inner ear As you grow old, will get the experience of ear ringing because of damage of interior part of inner ear cell. 


  • Exposure to loud music 

It is seen that teenagers and young adults are fond of loud music. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the harmful effects of excessively loud noise.  Even the loud sound produced by firearms can prove harmful for your ears and may cause ringing in ears.  


  • Medications and ear diseases 

Some medications such as aspirin and disease of the inner ear such as Meniere's syndrome also cause tinnitus.  


Other causes of ringing in ears: 

  • Head injury, high blood pressure, problem with jaws, neck and blood vessels 
  • Wrong medications and their side effects 
  • Low thyroid levels  
  • Depression or long-term stress  


How to prevent tinnitus? 

It is possible to prevent tinnitus if you follow some very simple steps in your day-to-day life, for example: 


  • Avoid playing your music system too loud.  
  • Avoid sitting near the loudspeakers if you attend a seminar, music concert, or movie theatre.   
  • While participating in a sports activity, such as bike riding, you must wear a helmet to prevent the damage to your head and hearing nerves. This one simple step will help you prevent developing ringing in the ear. 
  • Avoid taking medicines that causes ringing in the ears.  


Treatment for ringing in ears 

The people, who have been experiencing ringing in ears should consult the doctors immediately, else it may prove harmful at a later stage. You can learn more about the disease by looking for information posted on the Internet. You can seek online guidance for various medicines and treatment options for ringing in ears if your problem is minor. But if the disease has become chronic, you must follow the advice of your doctor.  


In case if you have tried online medicines, you may suffer from side effects, which may prove harmful to your health. So, take precautions in day to day life, look for what causes ringing in ears, and find an effective solution for the problems of ear ringing.

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