Cause of Tinnitus - Part 2

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The cause of tinnitus is further explained...tinnitus miracle

Not to say that the sound from gunshots and farm machinery are any less harmful. There is increasing concern about the cause of tinnitus among the US Army personnel due to their exposure to constant explosions. In a few cases, tinnitus and hearing impairment complement each other though they can occur independently too.

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* Misalignment of jaws is another cause of tinnitus. In a few people, the alignment of the temporomandibular jaw is disturbed when the jaw muscles and nerves get in the way of those of the ear because of their closeness and as a result, produces temporomandibular joint pain and tinnitus. Realignment of the jaw resolves this problem.

* NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) such as aspirin, which is an ototoxic drug and antibiotics like ibuprofen are also said to be the causes of tinnitus and associated ear problems. Generally these NSAIDs are prescribed for arthritic and other body tissue inflammations. In many cases these drugs can have a harmful effect on your ears causing the ringing sound. Therefore, it’s always good to seek the guidance of competent medical health professionals before taking any of these NSAIDs.

* Some medicines are said to produce certain side-effects, one of them being tinnitus.

* Acoustic neuroma is a major cause of tinnitus in some people. Acoustic neuroma is a harmless tumor that develops on the auditory nerve responsible for hearing close to the inner ear. When the growth of a few supportive cells around the nerve fibers becomes disproportionate, these cells press hard against the ear nerves and cause hearing loss, tinnitus etc. This should be dealt with by professionals at the early stages, so that you don’t suffer from loss of hearing and tinnitus.

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* Meniere’s disease is caused by an anomaly of fluid regulation in the inner ear. It is characterized by attacks of vertigo, sometimes severe and mild at other times. This condition is said to be another important cause of tinnitus. The resulting tinnitus may become a permanent phenomenon or may occur at intervals along with a vertigo attack. This condition can be cured by anti-vertigo treatment in combination with a low-salt diet. If the vertigo attacks are not brought under control by these medications, surgery is resorted to, based on the patient’s condition.

* Physical injury to the head or neck has been reported to be another cause of tinnitus.

Other minor causes of tinnitus include:
* Anemia
* High blood pressure
* Hypothyroid condition
* Aging
* Problems of the vertebrae
* Deficiency of nutrients in your diet

The problem due to tinnitus is said to intensify with the following:
* Stress
* Caffeine
* Alcohol
* Aspirin-like medicines
* When you focus on your tinnitus, it is said to be felt more.

Nevertheless the cause of tinnitus needs to be addressed by a medical professional in order to evaluate its intensity, but attaching too much importance to it will become detrimental to your health by increasing its severity.

There are several treatments to counter the effects of tinnitus and one has to choose the right person to seek guidance from, to alleviate this sensitive problem. Avoiding loud noise, treating minor causes of tinnitus to get rid of it, attending counseling sessions combined with retraining therapy and resorting to relaxation techniques help you in reducing tinnitus to a great extent. Hearing aid is said to be very effective in reducing tinnitus.

The cause of tinnitus have to be carefully understood so that a clear procedure is laid out for assisting you in your effort to either eliminate or control tinnitus.

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